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Facial Glow Kit
Facial Glow Kit
Facial Glow Kit
Facial Glow Kit
Facial Glow Kit
Facial Glow Kit

Facial Glow Kit

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Limited Stock | FDA Approved | Cash on Delivery Available

A collection of our most popular glow-giving favourites.

This skin kit contains everything that you need for a perfect, natural glow.

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Face Wash: Efficacious gel cleanser for daily use, featuring eco-friendly ingredients that gently cleanse and soften your skin. Saffron Essential Oil, an exclusive, sought after ingredient with a calming aroma, controls oiliness with its natural anti-bacterial properties. Pure Forest Honey works to reduce wrinkles and Lemon Extract provides a natural dose of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, which revives skin cells, for an even, supple skin tone.

Rose Water: One single, high-quality ingredient. This Rose Water is 100% pure, free of all chemicals, fragrances, oils, and additives. Sustainably and ethically-sourced roses are hand-picked, steam-distilled, and bottled for the ultimate freshness. A natural toner, skin hydrator, and refresher, Rose Water tightens pores, reduces oiliness, and smoothes your skin’s appearance, giving you a fresh, rejuvenated glow.

Face Serum: Featuring all-natural, high-quality botanicals which help tighten pores, eliminate blackheads and balance your skin pH, this Face Serum is gently restorative, and fast acting. Botanicals like turmeric Essential Oil works to reduce skin inflammation and Pomegranate Oil, Oudh Oil, and Vitamin E help smoothen skin scars and pigmentation. This elixir leaves your skin clearer, brighter, achieving more radiant complexion keeping one constantly hydrated day and night. Perfection bought in the elixir repairing multiple concerns.

Face Cream: Hydrate, soften and brighten your skin for a natural glowing complexion. This all-natural Face Cream is free of all harmful chemicals and features a proprietary combination of Ayurvedic botanicals that smoothes skin tone and reverses aging. Pure Ghee helps deliver a natural and long lasting glow. Shea Butter restores your skin’s natural elasticity. Freshly Steam Distilled Saffron Essential Oils reduces sebum build-up with its powerful anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties and Vitamin E minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for smooth, healthy skin. 


Our Promise

Our promise is to you, and to our planet. 

We proudly produce premium, handmade, and highly effective skincare solutions, the all-natural way.


We promise quality.

At Delixirs we believe in real, quality ingredients that are wholesome, safe, and dermatologically tested. 

Each ingredient serves a unique, scientific purpose, and all our herbs and flowers are hand selected from local farms, and curated on-site by our skincare specialists, for maximum purity, and optimal freshness. 

Every raw material required for our product formulations is freshly made from scratch by our skincare artisans, for each product batch. This ensures the highest quality ingredients, and the most effective results.


We promise transparency.

Our luxury skincare products are pH-friendly for your skin, and eco-friendly for our earth.  

We have nothing to hide, and we never will. Every product is 100% cruelty-free, chemical-free, silicone-free, sulphate-free, colour-free, and artificial fragrance-free, for your health.

When you choose Delixirs, you can be confident that you’re choosing a no-compromise, all-natural, healthy skincare alternative, that delivers lasting results.


We promise value.

At Delixirs, we practice what we preach. 

We never dilute, mix, or include additives or fillers to any of our products, because we believe in doing the right thing for your skin’s health.

Unlike most cosmetic skincare companies whose products are comprised of over 70% water, we use only pure, steam-distilled extracts that enhance the efficacy and luxurious feel of our products. 

We also handcraft each ingredient in-house, to ensure the highest standards. This includes extracting our own essential oils, for authenticity, and preciseness.

Moreover, we formulate our products to provide you with the best possible value. Our luxury skincare line is designed to be gentle, long-lasting, and affordably priced.


We promise efficacy.

Our principles, and our products, are based on time-tested Ayurvedic principles. 

Our team of Ayurvedic practitioners, product formulators, and cosmetic scientists, have masterfully blended botanical ingredients to create the most effective plant-based skincare solutions on the market.

We proudly lead the way in ethical and luxurious, handcrafted skincare.